For some time now I have wanted to try to make falafel from scratch since hearing my friend Anna brag about hers. 
So the other day I gathered my ingredients and gave it a go.

First off I shredded my red onion and added the juice & zest from one lemon to make a quick pickle. 
The rest of the ingredients got chopped up and trown in a bowl with some different spices.

I used my blender to mix all the ingredients together and turn them into a nice falafel dough. 
After that it was time to get my hands dirty and create the actual falafel balls. This was A LOT easier then I thought it would be! 
Then I just fried them in a pan with some sesame oil on high heat until they turned golden and crunchy.

 For toppings I kept it fresh and simple with some green apple, halloumi, greek yoghurt, salsa and of course my homemade pickled red onion.

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