Oh my! My boyfriend and I almost got late for the wedding since it took forever to film this. Hope you'll love it as much as I do. 
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SORRY THAT I HAVN'T POSTED TODAY BUT I'VE BEEN CELEBRATING THAT I GOT INTO THE ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS! Aka I'm going to study Fashion Design in Copenhagen for three years and OMG I couldn't be more happy!

It still feels like yesterday, but it has been three years since I applied for the most reputable school for Fashion Design in Sweden.
I was only a teenager back then but I was so cocky and couldn't see any reasons for why I shouldn't be accepted. So when I didn't get in,
I was fucking heartbroken. In some way I think these last years has been me recovering from that. But not only have I recovered
- I've grown even stonger, even more cocky. And now my turn has come to do what I've always wanted to do,
what I deep down always knew I was going to do. Eventually.

Hope that you guys will follow me on my upcoming adventures and that we can share all the fun! As for now we will hunt down 
an apartment in Malmö ASAP and start the next chapter in our life. All nervousness and anxiety has just left my body and now I'm just like 
the happiest girl ever. Literally can't stop smiling. See you tomorrow <3



If you're new here you might not know that I'm the singer in a band called Eternal Death. 
Sounds scary I know, but it's like electronic synthpop with a melancholic vibe.

Yesterday the music video for our song Cry premiered at the American music site Prefix, and not long after 
that lots of important music blogs reblogged it and so on. Anyways, I think it's pretty damn brilliant, but who am I 
to tell after being part of making it? So go ahead & watch it and form an opinion of your own!

I was kindly asked to write something about the video/song for the premier and this is what I said:
"Jonas had a vision for what he wanted to do with the hockey fights and I thought it was a brilliant idea. So I set up a camera in 
my apartment and recorded myself doing something that can represent the outlook of an inner fight. 
To me this is the soundtrack for a lonely, drunk walk home when you're heartbroken but you're also like “FUCK YOU”. 
Cry is the song that I like to end my gigs with since it's so powerful and quite exhaustive."

Also, if you havn't watched our first music video for the song Violence, please do:



The paycheck came and with it some beauty purchases. Some things I got were straight up necessities, 
some were more of the extravagant kind. Oh well, we all need a bit of luxury in our lives. 

I ran out of my Angels on Bare Skin and wanted to try another fresh cleanser. So far I've realized that this doesn't contain 
any exfoliating bits, as the aformentioned did, and I have to admit that that's a disappointment. But I've only tried it once so far 
and I will keep you updated on how it works out.

So I wanted to repurchase my beloved Cosmetic Lad (which I talked about in my skincare routine video), unfortunately they were 
out of stock so I went with this one since it contained a lot of calming ingredients, like lavender etc. Havn't tried it enough to have an opinion yet, but my first impression is just that the scent isn't as appealing as Cosmetic Lad's.

I've been on the hunt for a brown mascara, which apparently is a quite difficult misson. While doing my usual late night 
food shopping at the Supermarket I came across this and just threw it in my basket. This is in the Dark Brown shade, and I picked the waterproof version since I had a wedding to attend. Yes, I'm a big cry baby.

No, I havn't stopped thinking about this look. So when I went to MAC I swatched every fu**ing shade of brown looking for 
the perfect one. I'm not gonna lie,  I would describe "Uninterrupted" like straight up baby poo color, but somehow it's just soooo flattering around the eyes. This is a matte shadow, but it doesn't look flat or chalky when applied - The Pro Longwear formula is just aaaaamazing. 
Def going to do a tutorial using this!

This is the most shimmery, beautiful eyeshadow. The color is so neutral, yet unique, which is what I'm looking for in everyday shadows. 
It's like a beige/brown with a slight pink - like a warm taupe shade (??). Just PERFECTION. Isadora is a Swedish drugstore brand that makes really high quality product for such an affordable price! Love it.

Speaking of pretty colors... omg, this is also that beige/bronze that I'm obviously obsessed with at the moment. 
I'm going to use this as an eyeshadow base, as hightlight, everywhere... You get the drill. 

As I mentioned before I attended a wedding this weekend, and so I filmed a nice 'Get Ready With Me' 
where I got a lot of use for my new purchases, so stay tuned for that! 
Also, let me know what you've bought recently so I can start to fill up my want-list again!



My new baby Nike Huaraches arrived a few days ago, and since I'm madly in love with them 
I decided to do a summer lookbook based off their color theme // white on white. 
Most of the clothes I'm wearing in the video I've had for many years but I've linked similar styles in 
the videos description box if you get inspired and want to treat yourself to some new stuff!

Me and my boyfriend had so much fun making this video together so make sure that you're subscribed to my youtube 
channel so you don't miss out when a new one enters the world. Hope you'll enjoy it and pls let me know what you think!



First off, MAC shadows aren't cheap. Matter of fact - they are expensive! If I think they're worth it? Not really. Although they're a
high quality product, I have a bunch of drugstore shadows that are a lot more buttery and pigmented for a fraction of the price.
But then there's packaging and the over all luxury feel that I'm a huge sucker for (YOU KNOW, RIGHT?).
Therefore I've got a small assortment of MAC eye goodies to show you today. 

Something that I reach for every single day is the 217 blending brush which is excellent for diffusing color
in the crease or to buff out any harsh edges. This can also be used to apply a quick all-over-the-eye soft color.
A great investment if your into eyeshadows and blending blending blending.

Another staple in my collection is their Paintpot in the basic shade Painterly. This is intended to both prime your eyelids
and cover up veins and/or darkness. The formula is quite sticky so I prefer to set it with a skin colored shadow
so that the shadows I want to blend wont skip and go patchy.

So! Moving on for some swatches and in depth reviews of the colors I own:

1. BRULE - soft creamy beige (satin)
This is what I use to set the paintpot like I was talking about before. As a last step in any blown out eyeshadow look 
I also like to take this on a bigger, fluffy brush and just go aroung the edges to make sure the transition is seamless.

2. NAKED LUNCH - minimal pink with shimmer (frost)
My favourite all over the lid shade for an everyday look. This also doubles up as a great everyday, natural face hightlighter 
due to its more soft color. Not too sparkly, just a perfect sheen, which is what I prefer for daytime wear.

3. WEDGE - soft muted beige taupe (matte)
Great crease color, adds both depth and warmth. I've used this soooo much and the matte formula is amazing.

4. SATIN TAUPE - taupe with silver shimmer (frost)
I think this is one of MAC's best sellers, and with all rights. This is a very flattering shade for all eye colors I would say. It has that 
hint of purple, almost bruise-esque hue that's just really pretty all over the lid or in the outer corner to add some dimension.

5. CLUB - red-brown with green pearl (satin)
Club is like a duo chrome shadow that leans green/blue in some lights and red/brown in some. It's so cool and also very f
lattering on my blue eyes I find. This is a shade that is best used all over the lid where its full capacity is showcased.

6. SMUT - muted black with red shimmer (velvet)
This is the softer, more complex version of a straight up black. Dark enough to give definition but soft enough to be 
more interesting and, to me, flattering. This is what I prefer to use when I'm doing a smokey eye - super pretty!

Naked Lunch - all over the lid and as a soft inner corner highlight.
Wedge - through the crease for some added dimension and warmth.
Satin Taupe - buffed into the outer corner and smudged undeneath the eye.
Brule - used to smooth out the edges as a last step.

Wedge - as a transition color in the crease and to buff out lower lashline.
Club - All over the lid and smudged quite low underneath the eye.
Smut - blended into outer and inner v to add depth and dimension.
Brule - used to smooth out the edges as a last step.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments so I'm not missing out!



Last night cravings were real, and when not even Google couldn't find the kind of recipe I wanted I decided to play around in the kitchen 
and see what I could come up with. I've had this idea about Carrot Cake Ice Cream ever since Ben & Jerry released their Cinnamon Bun flavour, which is to die for. As always I'm a big fan of the 'quick & healthy'-version, so here's my Quick & Healthy Carrot Cake Ice Cream.

The things you'll need are (no measurements - just freebase ok):

The ice cream is made in two sections: prepare & blend. Start off by honey roasting the walnuts quickly 
in a hot pan to make them a bit crunchy and sweet. Then grate the carrot and squeeze some lemon juice on top to get that 
fresh, tangy contrast against the caramely sweetness.

Chop up the bananas then add in the dates, ginger and spices & mix everything together. If you find the taste to be a bit bland
be generous with the cinnamon- it's a real game changer. Add in the oat milk gradually to achive the right consistency. 

If you've done everything right you should have something that looks like this:

Then it's just a matter of adding the carrots & the honey roasted walnuts, roughly blend everything together and EAT! 
I was really happy about how it turned out and I will definately alternate this with my usual chocolate/banana-ice cream.



This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited in Sweden. Kullaberg is a nature reserve at the very edge of a peninsula at 
the south westcoast. Last time we went there the weather was on point and we spend many hours hiking and climbing. The view from the cliffs are just breath taking, it's easy to zone out and all of a sudden think that your somewhere else - abroad, and not an hour from home.

This last picture is taken from a small beach that was hidden in between the cliffs. 
The steep downhill was no joke but it was totally worth it in the end (until we had to walk back up again...)
If you're ever get the chance this is a place you have to visit!



Here's a video of me newly awake, drinking coffee and putting makeup on my face. I'm always trying to minimize my 
pre-work makeup routine without loosing the glam, so these kind of videos are really appealing to me, hence why I made one! 
All products mentioned are listed in the videos description box as per usual. 

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First of all, can we just take a moment and appreciate how pretty all these colors look? 
Bright eyeshadow are kind of my thing, and throughout the years I've collected some products that I'd like to share with you.

My preferences when it comes to bright eyeshadow palettes:
Cheap. I don't want to spend a lot of cash on fun blue eyeshadows.
Small. Who has the space to store a huge rainbow palette? Not me.

This bright, yet muted, peachy orange shade lives in my costumized Inglot palette. I picked this color since I didn't have anything like it in my collection. This looks really nice lightly dusted in the crease for some added warmth, or packed on all over the lid for a more fun, editorial look.

Yes, I know that these are lipstick, and yes - we're still talking eyeshadows. But a lot of us have an assortment of bright lipsticks that can double up as excellent eyeshadow bases. I use these underneath bright eyeshadows to get a better color payoff and added longevity. 

I love Sleek eyeshadows and think they make incredible palettes at a very affordable price. 
This one however, left me a bit disappointed. I feel as the quality is not quiet there - the eyeshadows are quiet chalky and not so pigmented. Although, layered on top of a lipstick/primer and packed on nicely you're most likely left with the coolest look in town.

I always laugh out oud when I use this 'cause I picture the other edition being called "the Uncool Edition" - really funny, Elin. 
Oh well, excuse the expression, but this cheap ass palette is fucking amazing. These shadows feels really buttery and nice, and (almost) all of them are super pigmented. Most of them have a shimmery finish, which is somthing I don't really mind. If you're new to bright eyeshadows and want something to play around with I'd highly recommend this one since it's cheap and contains a wide variation of colors.

 To finish off this blog post I thought I would share some #TB colorful eyeshadow looks I've posed with in Photo Booth. 
Hopefully this have given you some inspiration & courage to bring out your rainbow palettes (I know you have one in the back of our drawer!). 
Feel free to leave links to your fave bright looks so I can check them out! 



Rainy Midsummers Eve 2015 //
A friend of ours were hosting a giant celebration somewhere in the Swedish country side and we took a bus out to nowhere. 
So there we were, all alone on a long unknown road with no clue what so ever where to go - combined with unstable 3G connection and dying cellphones. So we started walking in the direction the by-passing, power walking lady told us it might be, blissfully unaware that the walk from the bus stop to the house would turn out to be around 5k. But even though we complained and swore when we finally got to the party, I have to admit it was quiet nice walking in the rain with my love, stop to pick flowers from the roadside and sing cheesy midsummer songs out loud.

Gig, Jönköping 2014 //
Last summer my grandmother passed away, and for some reason the funeral was scheduled for the same day as one of my gigs. 
Of course I was able to attend both, since the gig was later in the evening, but it wasn't without a slight melancholy me and my boyfriend headed north in the afternoon, post-funeral. We got there, checked in to the hotel and then went to get some snack and I ended up crying over the coffee, feeling exhausted about the whole thing.
The gig was quiet a fail. The organizers hadn't done particulary well with the advertisement so a third if the audience consisted of my boyfriend. Lol. But the stage was on this raft out in the water of this big lake, and I sang my sad heart out into the twilight skies and afterwards we just laughed at the whole thing and cuddled up in each others arms.

Summer apartment, Lund 2013 //
One summer when I was back living my parents again I got sick and tired of it, went online and found the prettiest apartment in a nearby city called Lund. So I borrowed the car, drove down there and signed up for a summer contract (the girl who lived there was a student). Everybody thought I was being weird and told me it was unnecessary, but to me it was the best thing. It was 18 square meter on the seventh floor with a tiny balcony that looked out over a lush courtyard. I mostly spend my days on that balcony eating pasta and drinking rosé wine and I will always remember that summer as the Summer in Lund.

Adventurous date 2014 //
I met my boyfriend in the very beginning of last summer and since we're both doers we did a lot of fun things to get to know each other. So this one time we started off the day by driving down to a waterfall where we walked the surroundings and took selfies in front of the splashing water and I kept thinking that it was so easy to just be with him. After that we continued to Stenshuvud where we took a daytime skinny dip in the ocean, sunbathed on the rocks and jumped from stone to stone all across the beach. We finished off the day with the most delicious dinner and now that I think back on it, it was probably one of the best days we've had together so far.
Holiday in the US, 2012 //
Me and my parents went to the US for three weeks and visited New York, San Fransisco and Los Angeles. I love to go on vacation for 
so long, since it almost stops feeling like vacation and instead, all of a sudden, it just feels like everyday life. I think this selfie is taken in our hotel bathroom in Los Angeles on my name-day, right before we took off to Universal Studios and had the most amazing day.

Summer 2015 //
This pic doesn't represent any specific happening, it's just a snapchat from one of my late night summer walks this year. I havn't really been doing anything overly exciting this summer, but that's something I've come to value. This summer feels like a long wait for the admission letter, and I'm starting to accept that. Because that is life. It's full of different stages that we need to go through to be able to become something else, something better. So for now, most of the time, I'm here in my apartment with a person I love, waiting for the rest of my life to begin. And even though the whole thing is nerve wrecking and makes me almost unbearable restless from time to time, this will also form a memory I will cherish in the future.

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Pinterest is a magic place where I can spend hours browsing beautiful homes, delicious food and cool streetstyle photos. 
Whenever I need an inspirational boost, that is where I'm heading. One of my fave things to scroll through are makeup looks, especially editorials & backstage shots. Those looks are always more out there, which I find to be more inspiring than yet another classic winged liner.

A while ago I came across these pictures and instantly fell in love. Even though it's quiet a neutral, wearable eyeshadow, 
it's used in a way that makes the look a lot more cool and edgy look. So now I'm craving a product that will let me recreate this 
awesomeness, since I find that I don't really have anything that would do the trick in my collection. My immediate thought would be 

So I might go on a hunt to get those, but before I do: do you guys have any suggestions? 
Where do I find a warm toned, medium brown shadow with a creamy matte finish?



It's Friday and my next video is here, yay! Today I'm talking skincare routine and my favourite products.
If you didn't know already, well, I'm a huge Lush fan. I really enjoy making these videos since I'm quiet a tech nerd and like to
play around with editing and stuff. Hope you'll like it 'cause I look forward to create more cool, inspiring videos in the future.

All of the products mentioned are linked in the desciption box for the video.
If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask, & please share your own skincare tips & fave products in the comments!



Me & my friend Felicia go way back and we actually met through our old teenage blogs. Both of us read the other ones blog religiously
and even though we lived kind of close we had never met until one day at a random flea market where we ran into each other.
I have to admit, that first meeting was kind of awkward, but since then we've been close friends. 

Yesterday we hang out and, like always, had a good old beauty chat. So I thought, why not share it with you guys?
Here it goes - Felicia's holy grail products!

This is the best exfoliating cleanser for sensitive skin. It's like a scrub, so it really gives your skin a deep cleanse,
but it's still very gentle and doesn't irritate and cause redness. This is like my third or forth bottle, so I'm a big fan.

My favourite hair product! I apply it to wet hair and then blow dry it. My hair tends to be quiet flat and frizzy,
but this texture spray keeps those problems at bay. I've had this for ages, so it lasts a long time.
Side note: this company makes the funniest product descriptions.

This is actually the only eyebrow fix I've used, so I don't have a lot to compare it to.
But this is really cheap and it keeps my unruly eyebrows in place.

I always use a white eyeliner in my lower waterline & after trying a lot of cheap ones I got tired of
the poor lasting power, so I went to MAC and bought this unreasonably overpriced eye kohl.
But this lasts all day & you get a lot of product so truly worth the investment!

I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness. My skin gets both oily and surface dry, and I easily break out.
I need something that is light weight but still gives a lot of moisture, which is exactly what this does! I love this,
especially for the summer. It has a slight scent, but nothing too overwhelming. The only bad thing is that it's
quiet difficult to control how much product you squeeze out, so if you're not careful it can squirt out a lot.

The most hyped serum (in Sweden). As I mentioned before, my skin craves a lot of moisture and
this fulfill my needs. I use this in the evening, and I wake up with amazing skin. I don't use it in the morning,
as it can make me look a bit greasy. Very affordable, 100 sek! (£7)


One time my friends skin looked really amazing, but I couldn't figure out what it was - like she had this amazing glow!
So I asked her, and she told me it was the Benefit Watt's Up. It makes you look good without being detectable on the skin.
And the packaging is super cool!



I've always been a sucker for bright eyeshadows and pink is no exception. 
Brightens up any dull day at work. 

For todays look I used some of the soft pink shades from my Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 all over the lid, 
as well as the bright pink from the Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 dusted in the crease. I paired it with glowy skin (what else is new?) 
and some pink lipstick, which I dabbed on to create a soft stain. Felt like a rave queen all day!



AMMAAAGGAAD. My first video is here and it feels kind of super weird.
Things are getting chatty and giggly when I ramble on about my favourite things from the month of June.

Ok, here it goes! Let me know what you think & make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for upcoming videos.



This is my go to recipe for healthy, raw food balls. Back in school I made a big batch every weekend, threw them in the freezer 
and had all my snacks sorted for the rest of the week. Perfect for a pick me up in the afternoon!

As with almost everything I cook I'm not too fussy about precise dosages, but this is basically what I use to make them:

12 fresh dates
1 tbs coconut oil
1 dl cocoa powder
A handfull almonds
Some water if needed

Oh yes, it's as simple as that. Now go make some, enjoy and then let me now how you liked them!