Yesterday we went to Copehagen cause I needed to pick up my application portfolio from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 
School of Design where I have applied for Fashion Design. The admission letter will not come until the end of July so even though I was 
happy to show off the school and the surroundings to my boyfriend, it was kind of a nerve-racking and heart-racing experience to visit. 

Anyways, afterwards we walked along the water and pointed out where we would have lived 
if we had been millionairs and once again reminded ourselves that we need to come here more often since it's so close.

Sometimes we stopped to take some cute/cool couple pictures to post on Instagram.
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And Ninjo snapped away behind the camera fully enjoying his new job as my blog photographer.

It's a good 20-30 minutes walk from the school to the city and the breakfast 
from earlier that morning was long gone at 2 pm when I started to get hangry.

Well right there is the answere to my prayers, perhaps the best salad I have ever had! 
Smoked salmon with grilled kale, cauliflower and fresh apple, blackberries and raspberries. OMG.

And dessert, of course. Some kind of apple compote deliciousness!

And after we had our fair share of caffein/sugar for the day it was all about the shopping until we got super tired and went home. Great day! 

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  1. beautiful pics! Looks like a great place to visit :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Copenhagen is such a nice city with all the water & bridges. & the people are super stylish and cool!

  2. What a beautiful city, beautiful girl and beautiful food!


  3. Love your white shirt!


    1. Such a staple in my wardrobe, love it!

  4. Lovely photos! And the city looks amazing (:
    Nati xx