Now my days are busy and I get up while it's still dark and it's a bit sad but I'm in school all day sewing, which is also kind of 
*living-the-dream*ish. And this weekend there's a big fashion event here in Malmö with a competition for upcoming designers - aka ME. 
So that is where I'll be. 

Hopefully you guys can have a more chilled-out weekend and enjoy a long lazy breakfast with someone you love. 



If you like me been drooling over the press photos for the new H&M beauty range since spring you feel my excitement! In this video I created a season appropriate makeup look using a bunch of products from the line, as well as giving you mini reviews along the way. 

Spoiler alert: I love a lot of things.

Make sure to leave a comment telling me what your favourite product from the new H&M beauty range is! I WANNA KNOW.



It's been about three weeks since we moved into our apartment, and although I want to show it to you it's all still a mess, 
due to us working/studying 24/7. But yesterday we ordered a new sofa and later this week hopefully my dad can help us pick up 
some stuff from IKEA that we've been eyeing out for some time now, so that's something. 

Anyhow, we're really enjoying our new home and some bits actually do look quite nice so I thought I would show you those. 

A plant in our living room window.

 A recently cleaned chandelier that's now waiting to be hanged in the bedroom.

 Our bed.

 My autumn wardrobe on display.

Random things on the countertop in the kitchen. 

The kitchen window.



Last week I worked my ass off filming my OOTD every single day (post-school hangry etc). 
I'm in total autumn mode so prepare for a lot of knitwear, cozy coats and, yes, beanies. Bye bye summer! :'(



A few weeks ago I was in need of some sort of change and decided to cut off my hair. 
On quite an impulse of course, after all it's me that we're talking about. It sure takes some getting used to, 
but I'm getting there and it has definitely forced me to step up my styling game (from like zero to something). 

In this video I share everything about my hair care routine and show off my new length with some sassy hair flips. Enjoy!

Products mentioned in the video:
H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray, H&M Defining Fiber Wax



Remember when I told you that I had an upcoming tutorial featuring one of my favourite eyeshadows MAC Uninterrupted? 
Nah, me neither - hence why it took me so long to put it on the webs. I came across the footage 
yesterday and decided to quickly edit it into a short, intense tutorial. Hope you'll like it!



BEAR WITH ME GUYS! As you can see I'm in the glamorous process of moving. 
But FINALLY on Sunday we're off to our new, bigger, better apartment in Malmö which is almost an hour closer to school. 
Currently it takes me about 2 h to get there and it's exhausting since we have to be there between 9-16. 

But I'm here to let you know that it's killing me not to be able to blog or do videos and I can't wait to get back on track. 
This break has given me so much inspiration and motivation to create even better content. 
I read all your comments and appreciate when you give me tips and hints about what you want to see more of! 

I will get back into the hang of this ASAP, and until then you can get your daily dose of me on other social medias such as:

INSTAGRAM - elin.berlin
SNAPCHAT - elinstinaberlin

Also, I'm planning on doing a Q&A soon so leave lots of questions in the comments and I will answer them in an upcoming video!




It looks like ordinary water but it removes makeup like a bitch. I soak a cotton pad in this solution and hold it
over my eyes to dissolve mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrows and then swipe away to remove everything.
I wouldn't call this a miracle worker, but it sure does a really good job at removing makeup.
Would repurchase

A chemical exfoliant in the form of a quite thick cream. You apply this to your face and in a few
seconds you start to feel a tingling sensation in your skin, which is sort of a sign that it's doing its thing.
This leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth, and the appearance is more radiant. I do however think this is quite a hustle to use and remove. To me it's weird to apply a thick, sticky cream to my face, stress about it for a minute, and then quickly rinse it off before it like ... burns off your face. I think I would prefer a chemical exfoliater in a liquid form so that it could be used as a toner.
Wouldn't repurchase

3. Lush Eau Roma Water
A very mild, calming toner whick is right up my alley. The spritzer on this also distributes just the right amout of fine mist
to my face. Not only do I love to use this first thing in the morning to wake me up, I like it during
makeup application, after and throughout the day if I need something to refresh my skin with.
Have already repurchased (the largest bottle!)

4. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm
My all time favourite lip balm so far. Same thing goes for my boyfriend, and to be fair - he used up most of this product
since he have super dry lips. I'm always complaining about how dry my lips are, but then never really bother to apply lip balms,
so I guess I'm OK anyways... But he loved this and wants to buy a new one!
Would repurchase

5. Lush Cosmetic Lad Face Moisturiser
If you've read my blog for some time now, you would know that I LOVE this and went back to the store to repurchase this.
Unfortunately they didn't have it in stock so I went for another one, that I don't like... Sad times! But as soon as I run out of
that one I will run back in the store and stock up on Cosmetic Lad, cause this just ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to moisturiser.
If you have dry/normal skin and doesn't really feel as if moisturiser does anything for you - try this!
Would repurchase

6. Lush Angels On Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser
Usually I don't like physical exfoliaters, but this is like grounded almonds and lavender that just buffs your skin into heavenly radiance and softness. It's not too harsh, so unless you have super sensitive skin you would be fine with using it every day - I did. There's so much to love about this product so I suggest that you run to your nearest Lush store and ask for a sample or buy a big jar.
Would repurchase

7. Make Up Store Face Mist
If you're a frequent reader of my blog you probably know that I'm a sucker for Face Mists in general, and this one is no exception.
It has a veeeery fine mist, almost not noticeable, which is very good if you want to set you makeup without making a mess.
Although, this to me feels more like a makeup-powder-setting-spray than a refreshing, hydrating toner, since the scent is more floral and
not so calming. My fave is still Lush Eau Roma Water, which also is more affordable soooo....
Wouldn't repurchase


1. e.l.f. Baked Blush "Passion Pink"
This is a blush that I actually like, and that says a lot, since I don't really like blush in the first place. It's a very natural pink with
a hint of sheen to make the cheeks look pretty and naturally flushed. With that being said - the packaging is horrible and
breaks by just looking at it. It's an affordable product for sure, but I just can't stand the packaging of these.
Wouldn't repurchase

2. MAC Blush "Harmony"
YAAAAS. A blush again, you might think, but this is actually what I've been using as bronzer for the last year and a half.
The quality of the powder is really nice and easy to blend, and the colour is a reddened, cool toned mid-brown.
Perfect for me, and I think it would suit a lot of skintones. I guess the empty pan speaks for itself - I loved this to bits.
Would repurchase

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Oh well, what is there to be said that I haven't said before. This mascara does everything I want my mascara to do.
It gives me long, separated lashes with volume, AND it's quick & easy to apply.
Would repurchase


1. Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
I talked about this in my first favourites video, and I told you guys that I loved it, and that it made my skin really smooth.
Well, that was before a few weeks had passed and the whole jar turned into a blue water without any exfoliating bits?!?! WHY?
Has this happened to any of you? I got really disappointed and had to use up most of it as a super liquidy shower gel (water).
Wouldn't repurchase

2. Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette
A few years back, this was on the top of my Christmas Wishlist. I was OBSESSED with anything lily of the valley scented and
this is straight up lily of the valley in a bottle. I have to say that I've moved on since then, and I got quite tired of the scent,
but if your craving to smell like a lily of the valley 24/7 I would highly recommend that you spend your dollar on this.
Wouldn't repurchase

3. Dove Summer Glow Medium to Dark Skin
Let's end this long ass review post on a good note. This is my favourite self tanner of all time. You apply it just like a moisuriser
all over your body, quick and easy & just make sure to wash your hands - NO FUZZ. It doesn't have a colour gard so you'll have to
wait a couple of hours for it to develop, but once it does, it has a really nice colour! You can easily build this up over a couple of days
if you want a more intense tan, and then just wash it off gradually in the shower or with an exfoliating mit.
This is a product that I like to buy in bulk, whenever there's an offer, so I already have triple backups of this in my bathroom.
Would repurchase



Fittingly enough I'm pre-writing most of these posts since I'm super busy with my new school ATM. 
This video is going up Thursday/Friday and by then I'm on my way to Pokémon camp with my new mates. For all I know 
this weekend will be C R A Z Y, but hopefully I'll be back soon with a cured hang over and lots of inspiration. 

Until then enjoy this video where I share my darkest, deepest secrets hidden in my gigantic school bag. 
Oh well, it's mostly a lot of ramble about pens and everyday essentials but those are just the things I appreciate in life.



Ninjo and I have breakfast and talk about how I'm probably going to meet future best friends today, and how one can really look at this day as a point of before and after in my life. I feel so excited and reminisce over my first day at high school. I still love to hear my best friend Frida tell the story about how she saw me through the window and instantly knew that she wanted to be my friend. 

I put on my regular glowy makeup, my most comfy yet fashionable outfit and head out the door. I'm taking an early train to Malmö because of a few arrends I need to run before I head off to Copenhagen. But when I finally cross the Öresund bridge, I must admit it's not without a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. Sometimes it's hard for me to grip things like this, since I'm so used to always push myself into things that are quite scary, but every now and then I actually realize what I'm about to do and it freaks me out for a second. 

Anyways, no time to worry! Since I'm studying in Denmark they hand out beers before the principal's opening speech. 
We get divided into smaller groups and play silly games to learn each others names. Even though danish is quite similar to swedish, it's still a different language and it's hard to keep up when everybody's talking fast, which leaves me looking like a fool while I try my hardest to understand the context and keep up with conversations.

After a tour of the school and further silly games it's time to eat and decorate the tables with weird stuff and come up with great explanations for our creative pieces. My team is very indecisive and in the end we flipped our tables around and created a bus, which was really cozy but unpractical for obvious dining reasons. Everybody is SO SO SO nice and the open bar doesn't do any harm. 
I'm having a great time and feel quite sad that I need to leave early to catch my train. 

Outside there's a barbeque and an amazing sunset. I'm just enjoying the moment, drinking GT with my new found friends and laugh along with their jokes even though I don't understand what's so funny. This is the first day of my new life and on wednesday there's a champagne cruise and this weekend we're going on a camp with the theme POKÉMON - what's not to love. 

Unfortunately I need to leave the party before midnight to head back home to Sweden, which takes about 1h 20 min. But when I finally get home to Ninjo and lay in his arms and tell him all about my day and he laugh at me when I try to speak danish, it all feels so far away as if it was a dream or something I made up.

But I'm happy that it's all real and I can't wait for everything to come. 
Please tell me about your first days in school, I would love to know! Take care <3



First of all I just wanted to say hi & welcome to everyone who's new to my blog! So happy that we're growing and it makes me
really excited to put out more content! I would love to know more about you guys so please leave a comment and tell me about
yourselves and let me know what you want to see more of on my blog/youtube.

Now for something that I'm super hyped about ... my Back 2 School series!!!!

If you didn't know already I'm going back to school on monday and just LOVE to prep for the fresh start. 
First off in my trilogy of videos is a quick, easy makeup routine that wakes up your face with lots of glow! 
Hope you'll enjoy it and stay tuned for a sneak peek in my school bag as well as a lookbook.



I'm not one to go for a classic red lip on an everyday basis, but some day ago I was craving a worn in version. So I messily slapped on e.l.f Studio Matte Lip Color in the shade "Rich Red" and paired it with a shimmery taupe eye look and insanely strobed skin. Yesterday I had a serious talk with my boyfriend about that he HAS to tell me when I start to go overboard with my highlighter - so far I'm good so no worries.



It's officially MONDAY! If you wanna know what I did this weekend I suggest you watch the video above.
PLUS you get to meet my boyfriend which apparently is a natural vlogger, which is more then I dare to say about myself...



If there's one of my friends that are equally obsessed with youtube and beauty it has to be Marie. She's off to the States as we speak 
but before she left we met up and I had a sneaky look through her travel makeup bag. Talking beauty and discuss different products/techniques is one of my favourite things to do so I thought I would share this experience with you - hope you'll enjoy!



I have no words for this summer. Well that's a lie - I have many words, most of them highly inappropriate for this platform. 
But it has been the shittiest summer ever. The times I've visited the beach are easily counted on one hand, and many days I've worn 
both a sweater and a jacket. I mean COME ON. What's up with that?

But then there are a few, memorable moments. Like when me, Ninjo and my parents visited the small town Hällevik where 
we had a summer house back in the days. Once again - the weather wasn't ideal, but we walked around, had a nice lunch 
and decided to go for a dip in the ocean anyways. 

My mom had brought coffee and some homemade walnut-chocolate cookies and after the swim it was like the best fika ever
Wet swimsuits, salt water and hot coffee, mmmm....

Another day I got to be part of this little ones first time at the beach. To watch her go from scared and terrified of the cold water and 
seaweed, to become obsessed and brave was both hilarious and touching. It feels like it was yesterday I visited my brother and Caroline at the hospital to meet her for the first time, and now she's a real person who calls my name and wants to hold my hand all the time. 



It was a tired Monday morning and I did what I do best; spent too much time in the bathroom 
and played around with some makeup to create this warm/bronzy/smokey eye and natural, radiant skin.

Like a rebel I skipped mascara 'cause I just prefer the look with bare lashes. Less polished, more raw.



My brother Teddy and his wife Maria have the most amazing house. Not only do they have the most impeccable taste - they're also extremely handy and have built and made almost everything on their own. I love to visit and this thursday we had a nice catch up over dinner and dessert.

We talked about my school, how time flies by and whether they're having a boy or a girl. 'Cause their having a baby in November and the excitement is real. So we spent a lot of time ooh-ing and aah-ing while checking out all the cute baby stuff they've bought. 

The weather was beautiful for ones and we sat outside until the sun disappeared behind the trees.

Oh, summer please don't leave yet. But oh, do I long for all the things this autumn will bring <3



I wanted to do something different, more creative, for my July favourites this month since I don't really feel comfortable to just sit and ramble. Hopefully you guys will like this format. Let me know how you feel about it and also what videos you want to see in the future!



Since we're (hopefully) moving soon I thought I would show you guys our current place. I've lived here for 2 years, 
and my boyfriend have lived here on and off for the last year and fulltime since the beginning of summer. It's really a 
tiny apartment for two people, but it works just fine for us.

I think we've done the best with the 28 sqm we have to work with, and luckily we have an entire wall of wardrobs an storage 
which isn't visable in any of these pictures. But it's at the end of the bed, if you want to imagine it. 

The hallway is a small square room where we keep our shoes, jackets etc. It has a big mirror and a built-in wardrobe that you 
can't see in the pictures. The pictures are taken from the 'main room' aka the livingroom/bedroom/dining room/office. 
The door to the right in the first picture leads to the toilet.

The toilet is kinda ugly so sorry that this pic isn't more aesthetically appealing. Right inside the door, to the left, 
is a rather big cabinet with a mirror door. That is were I keep most of my makeup/lotions/hair dryer/etc. 
As you could've probably guessed there's a lot a Lush products in this picture.

So this is what I previously referred to as the 'main room'. The bed takes up most of the space, which is very much OK 
since that's were I spend most of my time anyway. The shelfs above the bed doubles up as a night stand and carries 
all the necessities like glasses, lipbalm, handcream etc. 

In the right corner, next to the windows, is Ninjos man cave. That TV is only used to play video games. I've arranged the pillows all pretty in this picture, but usually he has his own 'arrangement' where he builds two towers on each side to keep his elbows on. Oh well.

To me a workplace is very important and I've always prioritized having a desk. This is our creative place where I 
blog/edit/draw/sew/paint nails/etc and Ninjo makes beats. On the left shelf of the desks leg we have a pretty good sound system 
to piss off the neighbours with. (Atm we mostly listen to this. Pretty gangstah.)

The dining table is placed in front of the windows and the french balcony. When the sun is shining we 
open up the door and pretend that we're at a fancy italian restaurant. 

The kitchen is really tiny, but I love that room. It actually has everything one could need with both a full size stove and fridge/freezer. 

When I moved in I bought this shelf system from IKEA which is a nice addition to the kitchen. Not only is it 
a good storage space, it's also gives off a cool vibe. I would say that it's a bit too small if you're a fan of cooking with your loved one, 
but in our house I'm the president of the cooking and leave the dirty dishes for Ninjo. **Relationship goal***

Lastly this is the view from the kitchen. Although I'm SO ready for a new place and looking forward to moving, I'm gonna miss this place. 
No, it's not a fancy place, and yes, it could probably use some renovation pretty soon - but I've really felt like home here. 
Between the ages of 16 and 22 I managed to move seven times, so I think it has been good for me to take some time and settle in.

It's been nice to write this post, and I feel like this was a way to say good bye to this place.
As for now we're looking for an apartment in Malmö so if you know anything please let me know!



Oh my! My boyfriend and I almost got late for the wedding since it took forever to film this. Hope you'll love it as much as I do. 
Doing these videos together is so fun and I have so many ideas for the future. Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss out!



SORRY THAT I HAVN'T POSTED TODAY BUT I'VE BEEN CELEBRATING THAT I GOT INTO THE ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS! Aka I'm going to study Fashion Design in Copenhagen for three years and OMG I couldn't be more happy!

It still feels like yesterday, but it has been three years since I applied for the most reputable school for Fashion Design in Sweden.
I was only a teenager back then but I was so cocky and couldn't see any reasons for why I shouldn't be accepted. So when I didn't get in,
I was fucking heartbroken. In some way I think these last years has been me recovering from that. But not only have I recovered
- I've grown even stonger, even more cocky. And now my turn has come to do what I've always wanted to do,
what I deep down always knew I was going to do. Eventually.

Hope that you guys will follow me on my upcoming adventures and that we can share all the fun! As for now we will hunt down 
an apartment in Malmö ASAP and start the next chapter in our life. All nervousness and anxiety has just left my body and now I'm just like 
the happiest girl ever. Literally can't stop smiling. See you tomorrow <3



If you're new here you might not know that I'm the singer in a band called Eternal Death. 
Sounds scary I know, but it's like electronic synthpop with a melancholic vibe.

Yesterday the music video for our song Cry premiered at the American music site Prefix, and not long after 
that lots of important music blogs reblogged it and so on. Anyways, I think it's pretty damn brilliant, but who am I 
to tell after being part of making it? So go ahead & watch it and form an opinion of your own!

I was kindly asked to write something about the video/song for the premier and this is what I said:
"Jonas had a vision for what he wanted to do with the hockey fights and I thought it was a brilliant idea. So I set up a camera in 
my apartment and recorded myself doing something that can represent the outlook of an inner fight. 
To me this is the soundtrack for a lonely, drunk walk home when you're heartbroken but you're also like “FUCK YOU”. 
Cry is the song that I like to end my gigs with since it's so powerful and quite exhaustive."

Also, if you havn't watched our first music video for the song Violence, please do:



The paycheck came and with it some beauty purchases. Some things I got were straight up necessities, 
some were more of the extravagant kind. Oh well, we all need a bit of luxury in our lives. 

I ran out of my Angels on Bare Skin and wanted to try another fresh cleanser. So far I've realized that this doesn't contain 
any exfoliating bits, as the aformentioned did, and I have to admit that that's a disappointment. But I've only tried it once so far 
and I will keep you updated on how it works out.

So I wanted to repurchase my beloved Cosmetic Lad (which I talked about in my skincare routine video), unfortunately they were 
out of stock so I went with this one since it contained a lot of calming ingredients, like lavender etc. Havn't tried it enough to have an opinion yet, but my first impression is just that the scent isn't as appealing as Cosmetic Lad's.

I've been on the hunt for a brown mascara, which apparently is a quite difficult misson. While doing my usual late night 
food shopping at the Supermarket I came across this and just threw it in my basket. This is in the Dark Brown shade, and I picked the waterproof version since I had a wedding to attend. Yes, I'm a big cry baby.

No, I havn't stopped thinking about this look. So when I went to MAC I swatched every fu**ing shade of brown looking for 
the perfect one. I'm not gonna lie,  I would describe "Uninterrupted" like straight up baby poo color, but somehow it's just soooo flattering around the eyes. This is a matte shadow, but it doesn't look flat or chalky when applied - The Pro Longwear formula is just aaaaamazing. 
Def going to do a tutorial using this!

This is the most shimmery, beautiful eyeshadow. The color is so neutral, yet unique, which is what I'm looking for in everyday shadows. 
It's like a beige/brown with a slight pink - like a warm taupe shade (??). Just PERFECTION. Isadora is a Swedish drugstore brand that makes really high quality product for such an affordable price! Love it.

Speaking of pretty colors... omg, this is also that beige/bronze that I'm obviously obsessed with at the moment. 
I'm going to use this as an eyeshadow base, as hightlight, everywhere... You get the drill. 

As I mentioned before I attended a wedding this weekend, and so I filmed a nice 'Get Ready With Me' 
where I got a lot of use for my new purchases, so stay tuned for that! 
Also, let me know what you've bought recently so I can start to fill up my want-list again!



My new baby Nike Huaraches arrived a few days ago, and since I'm madly in love with them 
I decided to do a summer lookbook based off their color theme // white on white. 
Most of the clothes I'm wearing in the video I've had for many years but I've linked similar styles in 
the videos description box if you get inspired and want to treat yourself to some new stuff!

Me and my boyfriend had so much fun making this video together so make sure that you're subscribed to my youtube 
channel so you don't miss out when a new one enters the world. Hope you'll enjoy it and pls let me know what you think!



First off, MAC shadows aren't cheap. Matter of fact - they are expensive! If I think they're worth it? Not really. Although they're a
high quality product, I have a bunch of drugstore shadows that are a lot more buttery and pigmented for a fraction of the price.
But then there's packaging and the over all luxury feel that I'm a huge sucker for (YOU KNOW, RIGHT?).
Therefore I've got a small assortment of MAC eye goodies to show you today. 

Something that I reach for every single day is the 217 blending brush which is excellent for diffusing color
in the crease or to buff out any harsh edges. This can also be used to apply a quick all-over-the-eye soft color.
A great investment if your into eyeshadows and blending blending blending.

Another staple in my collection is their Paintpot in the basic shade Painterly. This is intended to both prime your eyelids
and cover up veins and/or darkness. The formula is quite sticky so I prefer to set it with a skin colored shadow
so that the shadows I want to blend wont skip and go patchy.

So! Moving on for some swatches and in depth reviews of the colors I own:

1. BRULE - soft creamy beige (satin)
This is what I use to set the paintpot like I was talking about before. As a last step in any blown out eyeshadow look 
I also like to take this on a bigger, fluffy brush and just go aroung the edges to make sure the transition is seamless.

2. NAKED LUNCH - minimal pink with shimmer (frost)
My favourite all over the lid shade for an everyday look. This also doubles up as a great everyday, natural face hightlighter 
due to its more soft color. Not too sparkly, just a perfect sheen, which is what I prefer for daytime wear.

3. WEDGE - soft muted beige taupe (matte)
Great crease color, adds both depth and warmth. I've used this soooo much and the matte formula is amazing.

4. SATIN TAUPE - taupe with silver shimmer (frost)
I think this is one of MAC's best sellers, and with all rights. This is a very flattering shade for all eye colors I would say. It has that 
hint of purple, almost bruise-esque hue that's just really pretty all over the lid or in the outer corner to add some dimension.

5. CLUB - red-brown with green pearl (satin)
Club is like a duo chrome shadow that leans green/blue in some lights and red/brown in some. It's so cool and also very f
lattering on my blue eyes I find. This is a shade that is best used all over the lid where its full capacity is showcased.

6. SMUT - muted black with red shimmer (velvet)
This is the softer, more complex version of a straight up black. Dark enough to give definition but soft enough to be 
more interesting and, to me, flattering. This is what I prefer to use when I'm doing a smokey eye - super pretty!

Naked Lunch - all over the lid and as a soft inner corner highlight.
Wedge - through the crease for some added dimension and warmth.
Satin Taupe - buffed into the outer corner and smudged undeneath the eye.
Brule - used to smooth out the edges as a last step.

Wedge - as a transition color in the crease and to buff out lower lashline.
Club - All over the lid and smudged quite low underneath the eye.
Smut - blended into outer and inner v to add depth and dimension.
Brule - used to smooth out the edges as a last step.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments so I'm not missing out!



Last night cravings were real, and when not even Google couldn't find the kind of recipe I wanted I decided to play around in the kitchen 
and see what I could come up with. I've had this idea about Carrot Cake Ice Cream ever since Ben & Jerry released their Cinnamon Bun flavour, which is to die for. As always I'm a big fan of the 'quick & healthy'-version, so here's my Quick & Healthy Carrot Cake Ice Cream.

The things you'll need are (no measurements - just freebase ok):

The ice cream is made in two sections: prepare & blend. Start off by honey roasting the walnuts quickly 
in a hot pan to make them a bit crunchy and sweet. Then grate the carrot and squeeze some lemon juice on top to get that 
fresh, tangy contrast against the caramely sweetness.

Chop up the bananas then add in the dates, ginger and spices & mix everything together. If you find the taste to be a bit bland
be generous with the cinnamon- it's a real game changer. Add in the oat milk gradually to achive the right consistency. 

If you've done everything right you should have something that looks like this:

Then it's just a matter of adding the carrots & the honey roasted walnuts, roughly blend everything together and EAT! 
I was really happy about how it turned out and I will definately alternate this with my usual chocolate/banana-ice cream.



This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've visited in Sweden. Kullaberg is a nature reserve at the very edge of a peninsula at 
the south westcoast. Last time we went there the weather was on point and we spend many hours hiking and climbing. The view from the cliffs are just breath taking, it's easy to zone out and all of a sudden think that your somewhere else - abroad, and not an hour from home.

This last picture is taken from a small beach that was hidden in between the cliffs. 
The steep downhill was no joke but it was totally worth it in the end (until we had to walk back up again...)
If you're ever get the chance this is a place you have to visit!