Ninjo and I have breakfast and talk about how I'm probably going to meet future best friends today, and how one can really look at this day as a point of before and after in my life. I feel so excited and reminisce over my first day at high school. I still love to hear my best friend Frida tell the story about how she saw me through the window and instantly knew that she wanted to be my friend. 

I put on my regular glowy makeup, my most comfy yet fashionable outfit and head out the door. I'm taking an early train to Malmö because of a few arrends I need to run before I head off to Copenhagen. But when I finally cross the Öresund bridge, I must admit it's not without a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. Sometimes it's hard for me to grip things like this, since I'm so used to always push myself into things that are quite scary, but every now and then I actually realize what I'm about to do and it freaks me out for a second. 

Anyways, no time to worry! Since I'm studying in Denmark they hand out beers before the principal's opening speech. 
We get divided into smaller groups and play silly games to learn each others names. Even though danish is quite similar to swedish, it's still a different language and it's hard to keep up when everybody's talking fast, which leaves me looking like a fool while I try my hardest to understand the context and keep up with conversations.

After a tour of the school and further silly games it's time to eat and decorate the tables with weird stuff and come up with great explanations for our creative pieces. My team is very indecisive and in the end we flipped our tables around and created a bus, which was really cozy but unpractical for obvious dining reasons. Everybody is SO SO SO nice and the open bar doesn't do any harm. 
I'm having a great time and feel quite sad that I need to leave early to catch my train. 

Outside there's a barbeque and an amazing sunset. I'm just enjoying the moment, drinking GT with my new found friends and laugh along with their jokes even though I don't understand what's so funny. This is the first day of my new life and on wednesday there's a champagne cruise and this weekend we're going on a camp with the theme POKÉMON - what's not to love. 

Unfortunately I need to leave the party before midnight to head back home to Sweden, which takes about 1h 20 min. But when I finally get home to Ninjo and lay in his arms and tell him all about my day and he laugh at me when I try to speak danish, it all feels so far away as if it was a dream or something I made up.

But I'm happy that it's all real and I can't wait for everything to come. 
Please tell me about your first days in school, I would love to know! Take care <3

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