First off, MAC shadows aren't cheap. Matter of fact - they are expensive! If I think they're worth it? Not really. Although they're a
high quality product, I have a bunch of drugstore shadows that are a lot more buttery and pigmented for a fraction of the price.
But then there's packaging and the over all luxury feel that I'm a huge sucker for (YOU KNOW, RIGHT?).
Therefore I've got a small assortment of MAC eye goodies to show you today. 

Something that I reach for every single day is the 217 blending brush which is excellent for diffusing color
in the crease or to buff out any harsh edges. This can also be used to apply a quick all-over-the-eye soft color.
A great investment if your into eyeshadows and blending blending blending.

Another staple in my collection is their Paintpot in the basic shade Painterly. This is intended to both prime your eyelids
and cover up veins and/or darkness. The formula is quite sticky so I prefer to set it with a skin colored shadow
so that the shadows I want to blend wont skip and go patchy.

So! Moving on for some swatches and in depth reviews of the colors I own:

1. BRULE - soft creamy beige (satin)
This is what I use to set the paintpot like I was talking about before. As a last step in any blown out eyeshadow look 
I also like to take this on a bigger, fluffy brush and just go aroung the edges to make sure the transition is seamless.

2. NAKED LUNCH - minimal pink with shimmer (frost)
My favourite all over the lid shade for an everyday look. This also doubles up as a great everyday, natural face hightlighter 
due to its more soft color. Not too sparkly, just a perfect sheen, which is what I prefer for daytime wear.

3. WEDGE - soft muted beige taupe (matte)
Great crease color, adds both depth and warmth. I've used this soooo much and the matte formula is amazing.

4. SATIN TAUPE - taupe with silver shimmer (frost)
I think this is one of MAC's best sellers, and with all rights. This is a very flattering shade for all eye colors I would say. It has that 
hint of purple, almost bruise-esque hue that's just really pretty all over the lid or in the outer corner to add some dimension.

5. CLUB - red-brown with green pearl (satin)
Club is like a duo chrome shadow that leans green/blue in some lights and red/brown in some. It's so cool and also very f
lattering on my blue eyes I find. This is a shade that is best used all over the lid where its full capacity is showcased.

6. SMUT - muted black with red shimmer (velvet)
This is the softer, more complex version of a straight up black. Dark enough to give definition but soft enough to be 
more interesting and, to me, flattering. This is what I prefer to use when I'm doing a smokey eye - super pretty!

Naked Lunch - all over the lid and as a soft inner corner highlight.
Wedge - through the crease for some added dimension and warmth.
Satin Taupe - buffed into the outer corner and smudged undeneath the eye.
Brule - used to smooth out the edges as a last step.

Wedge - as a transition color in the crease and to buff out lower lashline.
Club - All over the lid and smudged quite low underneath the eye.
Smut - blended into outer and inner v to add depth and dimension.
Brule - used to smooth out the edges as a last step.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments so I'm not missing out!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have Satin Taupe, and I agree. They feel luxurious and all but they are expensive for what they are. I would much rather buy a Naked, Too faced palette than a Mac one :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Love your selection, thanks for the review and swatches, I'll definitely check out wedge and club :)
    xo, Jessie | Bear and Berries

  3. Ahhhh been meaning to pick up Painterly for the longest time and looking at this, yes, need.