Since we're (hopefully) moving soon I thought I would show you guys our current place. I've lived here for 2 years, 
and my boyfriend have lived here on and off for the last year and fulltime since the beginning of summer. It's really a 
tiny apartment for two people, but it works just fine for us.

I think we've done the best with the 28 sqm we have to work with, and luckily we have an entire wall of wardrobs an storage 
which isn't visable in any of these pictures. But it's at the end of the bed, if you want to imagine it. 

The hallway is a small square room where we keep our shoes, jackets etc. It has a big mirror and a built-in wardrobe that you 
can't see in the pictures. The pictures are taken from the 'main room' aka the livingroom/bedroom/dining room/office. 
The door to the right in the first picture leads to the toilet.

The toilet is kinda ugly so sorry that this pic isn't more aesthetically appealing. Right inside the door, to the left, 
is a rather big cabinet with a mirror door. That is were I keep most of my makeup/lotions/hair dryer/etc. 
As you could've probably guessed there's a lot a Lush products in this picture.

So this is what I previously referred to as the 'main room'. The bed takes up most of the space, which is very much OK 
since that's were I spend most of my time anyway. The shelfs above the bed doubles up as a night stand and carries 
all the necessities like glasses, lipbalm, handcream etc. 

In the right corner, next to the windows, is Ninjos man cave. That TV is only used to play video games. I've arranged the pillows all pretty in this picture, but usually he has his own 'arrangement' where he builds two towers on each side to keep his elbows on. Oh well.

To me a workplace is very important and I've always prioritized having a desk. This is our creative place where I 
blog/edit/draw/sew/paint nails/etc and Ninjo makes beats. On the left shelf of the desks leg we have a pretty good sound system 
to piss off the neighbours with. (Atm we mostly listen to this. Pretty gangstah.)

The dining table is placed in front of the windows and the french balcony. When the sun is shining we 
open up the door and pretend that we're at a fancy italian restaurant. 

The kitchen is really tiny, but I love that room. It actually has everything one could need with both a full size stove and fridge/freezer. 

When I moved in I bought this shelf system from IKEA which is a nice addition to the kitchen. Not only is it 
a good storage space, it's also gives off a cool vibe. I would say that it's a bit too small if you're a fan of cooking with your loved one, 
but in our house I'm the president of the cooking and leave the dirty dishes for Ninjo. **Relationship goal***

Lastly this is the view from the kitchen. Although I'm SO ready for a new place and looking forward to moving, I'm gonna miss this place. 
No, it's not a fancy place, and yes, it could probably use some renovation pretty soon - but I've really felt like home here. 
Between the ages of 16 and 22 I managed to move seven times, so I think it has been good for me to take some time and settle in.

It's been nice to write this post, and I feel like this was a way to say good bye to this place.
As for now we're looking for an apartment in Malmö so if you know anything please let me know!

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  1. looks cosy! :) i too cook and leave the dirt dishes to be done by le boyf :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Wow! Kul att hitta din blog igen! Har följt dina förra länge och tyckte det var så synd när yknp-bloggen slutade uppdateras!