SORRY THAT I HAVN'T POSTED TODAY BUT I'VE BEEN CELEBRATING THAT I GOT INTO THE ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS! Aka I'm going to study Fashion Design in Copenhagen for three years and OMG I couldn't be more happy!

It still feels like yesterday, but it has been three years since I applied for the most reputable school for Fashion Design in Sweden.
I was only a teenager back then but I was so cocky and couldn't see any reasons for why I shouldn't be accepted. So when I didn't get in,
I was fucking heartbroken. In some way I think these last years has been me recovering from that. But not only have I recovered
- I've grown even stonger, even more cocky. And now my turn has come to do what I've always wanted to do,
what I deep down always knew I was going to do. Eventually.

Hope that you guys will follow me on my upcoming adventures and that we can share all the fun! As for now we will hunt down 
an apartment in Malmö ASAP and start the next chapter in our life. All nervousness and anxiety has just left my body and now I'm just like 
the happiest girl ever. Literally can't stop smiling. See you tomorrow <3

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  1. Wow that's great! Congratulations! :) Studying in Copenhagen is one of my biggest dreams so I can imagine how great you must feel right now :) Fingers crossed!

    Martyna x