Me & my friend Felicia go way back and we actually met through our old teenage blogs. Both of us read the other ones blog religiously
and even though we lived kind of close we had never met until one day at a random flea market where we ran into each other.
I have to admit, that first meeting was kind of awkward, but since then we've been close friends. 

Yesterday we hang out and, like always, had a good old beauty chat. So I thought, why not share it with you guys?
Here it goes - Felicia's holy grail products!

This is the best exfoliating cleanser for sensitive skin. It's like a scrub, so it really gives your skin a deep cleanse,
but it's still very gentle and doesn't irritate and cause redness. This is like my third or forth bottle, so I'm a big fan.

My favourite hair product! I apply it to wet hair and then blow dry it. My hair tends to be quiet flat and frizzy,
but this texture spray keeps those problems at bay. I've had this for ages, so it lasts a long time.
Side note: this company makes the funniest product descriptions.

This is actually the only eyebrow fix I've used, so I don't have a lot to compare it to.
But this is really cheap and it keeps my unruly eyebrows in place.

I always use a white eyeliner in my lower waterline & after trying a lot of cheap ones I got tired of
the poor lasting power, so I went to MAC and bought this unreasonably overpriced eye kohl.
But this lasts all day & you get a lot of product so truly worth the investment!

I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness. My skin gets both oily and surface dry, and I easily break out.
I need something that is light weight but still gives a lot of moisture, which is exactly what this does! I love this,
especially for the summer. It has a slight scent, but nothing too overwhelming. The only bad thing is that it's
quiet difficult to control how much product you squeeze out, so if you're not careful it can squirt out a lot.

The most hyped serum (in Sweden). As I mentioned before, my skin craves a lot of moisture and
this fulfill my needs. I use this in the evening, and I wake up with amazing skin. I don't use it in the morning,
as it can make me look a bit greasy. Very affordable, 100 sek! (£7)


One time my friends skin looked really amazing, but I couldn't figure out what it was - like she had this amazing glow!
So I asked her, and she told me it was the Benefit Watt's Up. It makes you look good without being detectable on the skin.
And the packaging is super cool!

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  1. I loveeee Watts Up, its gorgeous! I must try the Lush scrub!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. YES! Stay tuned for my upcoming video where I go through my skincare routine & ramble on some more about the scrub!

  2. omg älskade/har saknat båda era bloggar så mkt!!! blir så glad att ni fortfarande e vänner.... hehe // blog fangirl 4evr

    1. åhhh va fint <3<3 ja vi är fortfarande bästisar!!!

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